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LIU Post Adds More Hydration Stations

Over the course of the last 2 years, many water bottle filling stations have been installed by the Department of Facilities Services at LIU Post. And after receiving an enormous amount of positive feedback from students as well as the Student Government Association, Facilities Services decided to add a hydration station to the lobby of each residence hall, bringing the total amount of hydration stations on campus to 21.

These water bottle filling stations not only filter the tap water, but they have a Green Counter that visually displays a count of the plastic water bottles saved from landfill. Therefore, students can do their part to reduce plastic pollution by filling up their reusable water bottles while at the same time enjoying the fresh, cold, crisp water that these hydration stations provide.

SGA President Dan Potenzieri, a strong supporter of this initiative said:

Since the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, SGA has been working with Facilities Services and the Sustainability Committee to get more hydration stations on campus, particularly in the residence halls. The push to get these installed not only came from student need, but also to provide a service to resident students that impacted their health, finances, and the environment all in a positive way.


Frank from Queens Hall refilling his reusable water bottle.

Thus far, students have responded rather enthusiastically to the new hydration stations as seen in the amount of plastic water bottles saved in the Green Counter. In fact, the newly installed hydration stations in the residence halls have already saved over 2,300 plastic water bottles in a period of just 2 weeks.

When asked about why this initiative was important, Bill Kirker, the Director of Facilities Services said:

“The timing was right. There was increasing talk about water bottle filling stations and we saw it as a good direction to go in as far as providing not just filtered water for people, but a way to conveniently fill their own bottle. Everything came together at the same time.”

Jerrome Warden, a resident student from Riggs Hall, said it best: “Hydration station is as fun to say as it is to drink from.”

Do your part and utilize one of our many hydration stations!

Water Refill Station Stats