Our Initiatives

Over the past few years, LIU Post has implemented and maintained a variety of green initiatives with the goal of building a culture that embraces sustainability at both a personal and professional level.


Sustainable Post

Established in 2010, Sustainable Post is a committee comprised of administrators, faculty, and students alike – who meet with one goal in mind…

Make LIU Post a more sustainable place.

The committee, chaired by Dr. Scott Carlin, has introduced many new initiatives such as a sustainable film series, an annual sustainability luncheon, and the newly launched Green Office program.

We welcome everyone from the LIU Post community and we hope that you will join us in our mission in promoting sustainability on campus.

For more information, please visit our website.

Fall 2016 Schedule

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Fall 2015 Schedule

Sustainable Post Fall 2015 Meeting Dates  
(Common Hour – 12:45 to 1:45 pm)
Monday September 21    – HILLWOOD 106
Tuesday October 13   – HILLWOOD 114
Wednesday November 4  – HILLWOOD 106
Thursday December 3   – HONORS LOUNGE

Green Office Program

Stemming from research performed by students in the Earth and Environmental Science Department in Fall 2011, it was discovered that many office personnel would welcome a Green Office Program, which officially launched a little more than a year later in Spring 2013.

The Green Office Program, sponsored by Sustainable Post, sets out to engage and connect academic and administrative departments with the campus sustainability movement by providing resources in how they can become more sustainable.

If interested in becoming a Green Office, please download, complete, and return the pledge form to William Achnitz either via intercampus mail or electronically at William.Achnitz@liu.edu.

At least 51% of office administrators, faculty, and/or staff must sign the pledge in order to officially be recognized as a Green Office.


Waste Snapshot

Have you ever wondered where all the trash goes on campus?

Have you ever wondered how much trash we actually produce at LIU Post?

Have you ever wondered whether or not the “recycling” actually gets recycled?

Well, fear not for after extensive research and data collection, LIU Post has developed its first waste snapshot detailing every single waste stream that gets disposed of on campus and the process by which it goes through for either reuse, recycling, or landfill.

For any questions, please contact William Achnitz at William.Achnitz@liu.edu or by phone at 516-299-2623.