The LIU CommPost isn’t just a blog filled with puns.

It is your #1 resource for everything green at Long Island University.

Since about 2006, LIU has increasingly become more sustainable. From recycling to energy efficiency to a new Master’s Degree program in Environmental Sustainability at the LIU Post campus, sustainability can be seen permeating throughout the entire University.

With problems like climate change and environmental degradation at the forefront of discussion in today’s world, sustainability has never been more important. Not only should entities like Long Island University embrace the idea of sustainability, but they should adopt sustainable practices wherever they can.

As one of the largest private university systems in the country, Long Island University is committed to sustainability and will do everything it can to educate both the LIU community and the greater public about sustainability issues. By doing so, we hope that this will inspire both dialogue and action, thereby creating a more prosperous, equitable, and ecologically healthy world.