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From The Desk of A Green Office – Facilities Services

At the beginning of this semester, the Green Office Program at LIU Post hosted a recruitment competition – Who could get the most offices to sign up?

The first office to get 3 other offices to take and submit the Green Office Pledge would win LIU Post Recycling drawstring bags for their entire office. A few offices participated, but no one tried harder to win than Beth Funfgeld from the Department of Facilities Services.

Within a week, Beth had secured the win for her office. Almost immediately after reading the email about the competition, Beth was on the horn recruiting new Green Offices. And by week’s end, Beth had easily reached the target of 3 offices by getting the staffs at Mailing Services, Office Services, and our Central Heating Plant to all sign up for the Green Office Program.


Beth Funfgeld won her entire office these LIU Post Recycling bags by getting 3 other offices to take and submit the LIU Post Green Office Pledge

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that Beth would win the competition for her office. Not only does Facilities Services have a long history of being green, but Beth also has a knack for competition. She says she loves to enter contests and she believes in the Green Office Program and wants to see every office at LIU Post take the pledge.

Beth says,

“We all [at Facilities Services] want a better future for our children and grandchildren. We also want to reduce costs for the University and when we do things like recycle, we can actually generate funds for the college.”

Facilities Services doesn’t just help the environment by recycling though. In fact, sustainability is embedded in their culture and they all do things like use their reusable coffee mugs, carpool to and from work, and shut off rows of lights when not needed.

The Department of Facilities Services is leading by example when it comes to sustainability and Beth Funfgeld is just one of the shining examples of the many people that are working hard to make Long Island University a more sustainable place.

To sign up and participate in the Green Office Program, please click here.

RecycleMania Is Upon Us!

RecycleMania yet again descends upon the LIU Post campus.

For the 3rd year in a row now, LIU Post will be competing in the largest recycling competition in North America, the RecycleMania Tournament.


Born in 2001, RecycleMania was the end result of two recycling coordinators from Ohio University and Miami University challenging each other to see which one of their schools could recycle the most. The two schools leveraged their existing sports rivalry and decided to apply it to recycling. Ever since, the amount of schools participating in RecycleMania has increased and now there are 461 colleges and universities competing in the 2014 RecycleMania Tournament spanning all 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces.

RM growth

Growth of the RecycleMania Tournament

LIU Post is looking to improve upon last year’s standings and we hope that you will join in the effort of making that happen by minimizing your waste and recycling as much as you can.

The Tournament runs through the end of March. So, make sure you do everything you can to help LIU Post win!

Also, check back often for RecycleMania updates!!!